Recreation Soccer

We have tried our best to think of every question, if we missed one, please let us know!

We allow our players to stay with the same coach each year. Again, it all depends upon who registers timely.  Players who register late will be placed on teams that have space.  One of the exceptions would be if your team in the past, was a mixed of younger and older players, and your coach decides to coach the younger age group.  The older age children could not play with that team because they would be too old.  Players can play up, but they cannot play down into a younger age group.

Elk Grove Soccer this year will creates teams in all age groups, without skipping years, through age 11 (Under 12) .  We hope this will avoid the concerns about players playing up an age group.  U6, U7, U8 U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, and U15 will all be created within each of our territory clubs.  Ages U16 12-13 will play in a combined age groups (U14 or Middle School).  Ages 14-18 are placed based on numbers of registrations.  The only exception will be is those instances in which we don’t have enough diverse teams in one age group; it may force us to push teams to the higher age group as we have in the past.  Given the number of teams we have, however, that is not anticipated.

Each year, it’s not usual for a coach not to return for a variety of reasons.  The players, however can stay together if they so desire.  Our age group coordinators are working diligently to find coaches to replace those coaches who are not returning. 

If this is your first time playing at Elk Grove Soccer and you do not have a uniform, you need to purchase a uniform to play in games. As you move through the age groups, you only have to buy a uniform if your uniform from last year doesn’t fit. Our players can use that uniform until they outgrow it. They can buy a new one from us or trade with their friends easily due to the fact that we have branded our uniforms and logo throughout Elk Grove with the same home and away kits.  

Yes we do.  Our program is called TOPS Soccer.  It’s for children with disabilities, including those with physical supports and wheelchairs.  Teams are put together based on ability, not by age.  It’s a wonderful program.  We provided players with Buddies, who help them play the game. 

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